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Welcome to

Zen Den Wellness

Curious about mindfulness? Interested in meditation? Not sure how to start? 
Welcome to Zen Den Wellness. Wherever you are on life's journey is the perfect place to begin. 

Laura Goren, MSEd & certified mindfulness educator, customizes sessions to fit your life and goals. Laura helps clients of all ages through mindful meditation, self-compassion practice, gratitude, breath work, body relaxation and informal daily techniques. 

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Randi S.

I didn’t know much about meditation, and Laura gave me a great introduction. My weekly meditation sessions with Laura helped keep me calm during a very stressful time in my life. In addition to the sessions, Laura taught me breathing techniques that I could do on my own at any time. It is so helpful to have these tools that I can use whenever I need them.

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Mary D.

Laura has a very beautiful way of introducing the foundations of meditation in a way that is welcoming and engaging. I really enjoyed the various mediations she guided us through and the tools and tricks she shared for every day application.

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Julie H.

I couldn't have asked for a better guide to help me jumpstart my meditation practice this year. Laura makes mindfulness accessible to people of all experience levels, and the metaphors she uses make it easy to recall the techniques I learned during her guided meditations in my everyday life. I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking to grow their mindfulness practice!

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