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Group Classes

Zen Den Wellness is always available for group workshops and classes.

What others say...

Laura has a very beautiful way of introducing the foundations of meditation in a way that is welcoming and engaging. I really enjoyed the various mediations she guided us through and the tools and tricks she shared for every day application.
— Mary Darling, Client Services Manager
I couldn't have asked for a better guide to help me jumpstart my meditation practice this year. Laura makes mindfulness accessible to people of all experience levels, and the metaphors she uses make it easy to recall the techniques I learned during her guided meditations in my everyday life. I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking to grow their mindfulness practice!
— Julie Howd, Managing Editor
Laura was a joy to work with. Her sessions were very effective and informative. She took time at the beginning and end of each session to educate our group about the technique in practice. She offered a very well-rounded program in a style was very approachable, no matter your experience level. I now have an arsenal of tools ready to help me continue my practice, thanks to Laura!
— Danielle Duval, Senior Designer
"Laura has a gift. She is a wonderful teacher and compassionate soul. Highly recommend this program to moms who are looking for MORE joy in their lives." - Jen Bronsnick
"I've attended two of Laura's Mindfulness Workshops and can't recommend it enough. I am an individual who does not normally meditate and so, I assumed this workshop would be out of my comfort zone. Laura created an environment that was so calming, welcoming and warm. She offered simple ways to be more mindful and intentional in everyday routines. I enjoyed her practical exercises and look forward to attending her workshops in the future." - Nora Yi
"Amazing class!! Amazing teacher. Laura presented each topic with background and a sense of purpose. All of Laura's stories and examples were spot on and REALLY made me think." - Gwen Samuels
"These sessions were helpful, inspirational, and enlightening...really helped me find a sense of peace."
"Laura did a great job teaching us about mindfulness/meditation and how to incorporate into our daily lives."

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates

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